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Inspired by the slightly older harvest moon games such as A Wonderful Life and Animal Parade, Crop Haven is the story of a kingdom in danger, with only your skills and wits available to help the monstrous, mysterious people living there. With the Vampire King’s support, and the rest of the townsfolk’s tips, can you singlehandedly save Crop Haven from famine and drought?


Crop Haven is a Work In Progress game, with many bugs and not a lot implemented. However, I wished to upload it to present what I have.  Please take notes of bugs and errors you may come across, and report them to me ASAP. However, there are currently a good number of candidates implemented (out of 21 in all). This is planned to be a large game!

However, please save before entering buildings or events. Some of them are very bugged and have potential to give error messages. This game is barely even in the Alpha stage, so keep that in mind as you play.


Mild alcohol reference: Some characters may have a drink sometimes, and your character can join them for a shot. There is also a character who is implied to drink a lot, but it’s not a huge focus. This is as far as this goes.

Mild sexual themes: While a SFW game in all, some moments with particular dates may become more sensual or intimate. (In all playtest versions up to 0.7, There is also an inn where there is implied prostitution - this whole building is a reference to an area in Final Fantasy VII and can be avoided if needed. It is replaced with a school in version 0.7 onwards.)

Mild violence: Again, this game is not NSFW. However, being that the townsfolk are monsters, there may be reference to gore or other topics. Some of the in-game lore is also dark, and one of the in-game backstory movies contains mild, though censored gore.


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